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Sunday School

8:30 AM

Sunday Service

The Mar Thoma Parish Perth is one of the Parishes of the Diocese of Malaysia – Singapore – Australia – New Zealand of The Mar Thoma Church. “We greet you in the precious and unfailing name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ .”

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Sunday School

08:30 AM

The new academic year starts on Sunday, February 4th
 Perth Mar Thoma Centre (44 – 60 Station Street, Martin )

Church Service

10:00 AM

Holy Communion Service (Malayalam)
Parish Day
Venue: Perth Mar Thoma Centre (44 – 60 Station Street, Martin)


First Lesson

2Kgs 20:1-11

Second Lesson

Acts 14:8-15


Jas 5:13-18


John 9:1-11

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Christmas Carol Service

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