“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field”
St. Luke.10:2.


Dearly Beloved in Christ

     It is only by the great mercy of our God that we could travel and reach Perth in the midst of this covid crisis. It is also His loving grace to us, to be with you in this New Year. It was made possible by your prayers and sincere efforts.
     We are entering into a new year. How great and immeasurable is God’s grace. We were kept safe when the whole world was suffering because of the covid 19 diseases. Some of us also had to go through some difficulties due to the pandemic, but our merciful God helped us to overcome them.
     How patiently he loves us and cares for us humans who are reluctant to even bow our heads to take a sip from the cup of tea.
     There are certain things in this world that only WE can do. God has given us one more year to do all that we forgot to do and missed in the previous years
     We often complain that we do not see God in this world. But isn’t it that we don’t see humans in the image and likeness of God? Only when we are alive on this earth that we can help others. Our good deeds in this world are entered in the book of account in Heaven.
     In this New Year, let us keep aside some space in our hearts for God who loves us and cares for us. Let’s find more time to study the Word of God and know Him more. Let’s take some time from our schedules to talk to our loving God and spend some time in prayer.
     Let us enter this New Year with new dreams and wishes. Wish you all a blessed Happy New Year

In Christ’s service

With Prayers and Blessings

Rt Rev Dr Mathews Mar Makarios Episcopa