Parish Choir

A song is worth two prayer. A group that gives life to every parish service & event.

Introduction about the Choir and its Mission

Music is an integral part of worship at the Mar Thoma Parish Perth and our Church Choir is an integral part of our Parish. It plays a leadership role in the singing ministry of our Parish. The choir leads the congregation in singing during the Holy Communion service each week and on other special services. We have a total membership of 15 choir members.

The Parish choir makes special presentations during Parish Conventions, Christmas Programs, Family Sundays, Choir dedication Sundays, Parish Day and Christmas Carol Service.

A characteristic of the Mar Thoma Parish Perth Choir is our ability to lead the singing in both English and Malayalam Services. Our renditions range from presenting Eastern Classical Music to Western Hymns.

Choir practice is held every Sunday immediately after the Holy Communion service

Please contact Mr. Philin Philip (Mob: 0433423481 email: for more details.
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